NV-05 NO UCH Takanja's Fearless In Blue

NV-05 NO UCH Takanja's Fearless In Blue



FIN UCH Hawkeire's Spirit O'Barksdale


NUCH DKUCH INTCH Ella Fitzgerald Av House Of Blues

Mormor och morfar

USCH Barksdale Murphy Of McLean

USCH Tartanside Barksdale Mirage

NUCH Takanja's Blues By Night

NUCH Chesseva's Edge O'Freedom

Mormors mormor och mormors morfar

Mormors mor och mormors far

USCH Fantasy's Bronze Talisman

USCH Barksdale Blush

USCH Barksdale Bellvues Medallion

USCH Napier's Dangerous Liaison

Tartanside Intimation

USCH Barksdale Busybody

Raptorvale Mariner Ice Storm

USCH Tartanside Imagination

USCH Tartanside Illumination

USCH Tartanside Th'Critics Choice

USCH Tartanside Animation

USCH Tartanside Imagination

Madcap's Moonsparkle

Madcap's Coco Chanel

Moonmade Best Scandal Ever

NUCH Vanity Silverblue Daniel

NUCH Chesseva's Tootsie

NUCH Chesseva's Silver Chanell

GBCH Ladyfayre Blue Lagoon Of Karava

Karava Blue Keza

Karava Kaffir

NUCH Breezdon Devil In Disquise

NUCH Machether's Cover Girl

NUCH Chesseva's Dreamy Debutant